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Monday, July 8, 2013

Review: Hikōnin Sentai Akibaranger- S.H. Figuarts Akiba Red

Itasa wa Tsuyo sa! Hikonin Sentai! Akibarenjaa! (痛さは強さ, 非公認戦隊アキバレンジャー) So, I'll be fully honest with you, Akibaranger is one of my favorite shows ever, I'd rather watch this than Toei's current two series, Kyoryuger and Wizard, both of which I haven't watched in months. Wizard is 2nd and Kyoryuger being my last choice. Akibaranger is just fantastic (IMO) because it has the an Anime feel and a live action cast with Tokusatsu. Its just really really funny. Akiba Red, Akagi Nobuo (赤木 信夫) is the leader of the Akibarangers chosen by Hyroyo Hakase because of his powerful delusional powers which allow Akagi to escape from reality. He also has the Kanji for Red in his name. This eccentric Sentai Otaku has a deep love for Sentai and has been interested in anime too and his Waifu is, Aoi-tan. His roll calls consist of referencing past Sentai Senshi and then "Akiba Red", an example, "If this was Dekaranger I would be Ban, Akiba Red" or other trivia. Akagi was the 2nd member to be scouted, 1st being Aoyagi, the 1st to be replaced. He was replaced with Takuma Tsuzuki and then he went back to his regular position.

Yes this is first release and came with the stands but they will be reviewed separately and after Yellow.


The box is pretty awesome, it's bright and colorful and reminds me of the Himitsu Sentai Gorenger (Goranger) logo. It's also full of pictures and things that It can do which a weapon that's not included. Hmm, anyways it's full of stylized text, by which I can't read... yet. It also has the logo for Akibaranger.
The top is pretty cool, some starts and no pink because pink sucks (Not really)


You get 1 Akiba Red, 2 Scarves, 5 pairs of hands, 4 right hands and 6 left hands and finally, 1 Moe Moe Z-Cune. Instructions too but who cares. 


Left to Right!

The figure is pretty awesome, Its a little to skinny to my likes, then again, its not on steroids. Its vastly different from any Sentai Team, similar to Go-Busters which aired at the same time as Akibaranger, both were, different. Akibaranger having Armour and a very Kamen Rider look and Go-Busters having leather suits. Gekiranger was different by not having belts and no boots, instead it had some sort of sneakers. Most Sentai Suits are one piece, Gokaiger is two pieces, the black part and the jackets. Boukenger and Kyoryger have armoured bits, every sentai is a little different from the rest. Shinkenger didn't have shrinking weapons (In the holster its the same size as when its in use, except for Shinken Gold). I'm getting off topic, the Scarves are another motif of earlier Sentai. The Suit is based of the figure, any cut and slit and hole will be found in the suit, this is mostly evident in the girls. More on that later. It's nicely designed, the Anime hair similar to Battle Japan's and translucent plastic in the chest and stomach.


As mentioned before, the hands, gun and scarves because scarves are awesome.
Two scarves so you can pick whichever and put it in the ball joint, it moves around freely so, if you'll please.
Fists, which he has already in packaging.
Relaxed hands.
Karate chop hands for the "Akibaranger!" pose.
Gun holding hands which can double as drunken fist hands for episode 3.
His "Akiba Red!" hand pose.
And another posed hand for extra-uses, such as "holding my chin" or holding Aoi.

Moe Moe Z-Cune
Left To Right

It's only in Gun form and it's pretty well detailed, missing tiny red dots but it's still amazing.
It's awesome, you can do quite a lot with this, unfortunately, the way Akiba Red's torso is designed holding it with both hands and have it look awesome is impossible.
You can pose him in various ways with it.

Dislikes and Would Likes

Yes even for a "perfect" figure to have flaws isn't so rare. It's not much, really close to none, If you haven't noticed, Akiba Red has a wider smile in the figure than in the show, the mouth plate is off, its really really skinny build. Some bits of restricted articulation can be bothersome then again its really articulated as it is anyway.

I pose this figure pretty often due to his goofy nature in the show and It's a nice figure, I need to get the Itasha someday and It looks great with the rest of the Akibarangers. You can also give him Takuma's personality and give him Gekiranger like poses. I honestly highly recommend him.

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