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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review: Thundercats - Thundercats Classic Lion-O

I saw this figure when I went to Toys R Us 2 weeks ago, I wanted to buy it but I had already spend to much due to the Legacy Morpher and Megazord. I came back a week later to buy this and a couple cards (Power Rangers Megaforce Cards) and to be honest, I know nothing about Thundercats, I have absolutely no memories from this, never watched the 2011 reboot either. However, my father does indeed have a lot of memories from this and he went all fanboy when he saw this and told me things about the show. I did look it up and Its pretty cool. The 80's series has a very Saturday cartoon type of feel and the 2011 version is pretty awesome. This is Lion-O, the awesome leader of the Thundercats, I'd say more but I don't know much, I just started the series. Let's start.

The box is pretty awesome and collector friendly. It displays the figure nicely and says, "18 Points of articulation!" and a very nice drawing of Lion-O on the side and back. 
"Roaring Back into Action! These highly detailed and articulated figures are based on the Classic 1980s animated "ThunderCats" series!"
"Includes sword, dagger, Lion-O's Claw Shield & extra hand!"
Pretty basic, and show more figures from the line, Lion-O 2011th! I'll get you soon, you too Mumm-Ra!.

It comes with quite a lot, 2 pairs of hands, a holster bit, Claw Shield, Sword of Omens in both modes, Dagger and Sword mode.
The Holster bit, which can hold the Claw Shield Via Peg.
The Sword Of Omens in it's Dagger mode and it's pretty nice, the blade is a little short.
The Claw Shield is pretty cool, a bronze color with red jewels and white claws.
The Sword goes into the claw well.
On the side in the peg of the holster.
It's also wearable.
The sword is rather long and cool. It has a nice silver finish and the Emblem on the middle.
It can be held, just swap out the regular hands with the other ones.


I did do my research and I kind of regret doing it, there are a couple inaccuracies but hey, I doesn't matter that much as long as it looks like him more than it doesn't.
The figure is nicely detailed and it has the "I have muscles" look, which is pretty accurate so no complaints. It's also nicely painted, no part of this figure is a full color. The sword is a nice silver color and gold is gold, unlike some other figures... both of which are made by the same company and use a similar body structure. Even the thighs are similar, however, this one is kinda nicer than the other, double knee articulation and ankle on side to side and forward and back. However the ball joints for the arm isn't as good as the Ranger figures.

Dislikes and Would Likes

Dislikes? none, Would Likes? maybe a gold palm for the Claw Shield.

I love this figure, its great, I'll be buying more, if I can find more... Anyways, that's all I have to say, I'll be watching the entire Thundercats Series soon including the newer one.
And for bonus material.

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