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Monday, June 17, 2013

Review: Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger - Vinyl Guardian Beast Tyrannosaurus

Zyurenja! Zyurenja! Nana nanananana na na na! Sorry for the late post, I was busy... Anyway, this is the vinyl Guardian Beast Tyrannosaurus (守護獣ティラノザウルス) piloted by Tyrannoranger Geki. This is a vinyl which I had received for my birthday and I love it so much! Tyrannosaurus was my favorite from the Guardian beast even when I had my bootleg Mighty Morphin Megazord, man Tyrannosaurus is the best! It's move is the Tyranno Sonic! (ティラノソニック) which is a pretty cool move. Let's move on to the review.


I would say the figure is pretty nice, it has nice detail all around and it stands about 6-7 inches tall so It's a nice scale.
The little detail on the side of its thighs are stickers, everything else is detailed and painted. It looks very much like the suit and nothing at all like the toy version. It doesn't really open and close it's mouth, it does however have neck articulation and it also lacks on knee and ankle that the DX Daizyujin's Tyrannosaurus had.
You can easily come up with some nice poses to put him in, just don't expect him to fold his arms in since this one has nice long and sleek arms.
Tyranno Sonic! 
It's nicely balanced, even managing to stand on just two feet without using the tail as support. Of Course the design is based of the Tyrannosaurus, but I believe it was before people knew that bipedal dinosaurs didn't need their tail to support themselves, Godzilla however still keeps the Bipedal and upright posture, Newer Tyrannosaurus and other bipedal dinosaurs have the "correct" posture such as V-Rex (Timeranger), Bakuryu Tyrannosaurus (Abaranger) and Gabutyra (Kyoryuger).
Almost every single bit of detail is there even the bolts and cuts.

It comes with a nice tag which reads on the back and front "Guardian Beast Tyrannosaurus" or "Shu Go Juu Tiranozaurusu." It's a nice tag but mine is in bad shape. You get a nice picture of Tyrannosaurus and the Zyuranger logo.

Dislikes and Would Likes

None really, maybe some more paint and tiny bits of articulation, then again this is a vinyl and not a plastic figure.


I absolutely love this figure, it's nice and cool and it's just so much fun to play with. It also serves as eye candy which only a small vinyl figure can provide me with, I spend some time looking at it and admiring it.

And It just goes great with your Zyuranger collectibles, even as a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Tyrannozord. It can also look great with other Dinosaur-ish Mecha. I'd highly recommend it but it's difficult to find...

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