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Friday, June 14, 2013

Review: Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger - Hikaru Chogokin Armored Tyrannoranger (No Stickers or Batteries)

This is something I got for my birthday, the Hikaru Chogokin Armored Tyrannoranger from Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger (恐竜戦隊ジュウレンジャー), the 16th Team in the Super Sentai Series from 1992, an Animal and Robot mix, I believe it's the second and the 1st to look more animal than vehicle and Saban's successful attempt of Adapting a Sentai team. Geki of the Yamato Tribe (ヤマト族 Yamato Zoku) is Tyrannoranger (ティラノレンジャー Tirano Renjā) and the Warrior of Justice! (正義の戦士) He is also the Pilot of Guardian Beast Tyrannosaurus (守護獣ティラノザウルス).SPOILERS! The Armour and Zyusouken is gained from his dying brother Burai, the Dragon Ranger (ドラゴンレンジャー Doragon Renjā) SPOILERS!

I have watched 45 episodes of Zyuranger, It's pretty damn good, specially after Burai joins. I need to finish it soon and the Figuarts is coming out in July so I'll wait a bit. Meanwhile, Gekiranger. This is a figure I bought via CSToys. I remember a bit of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and I always saw this suit as Retro, it's vastly different from the other old suits, it's nice and simple with cool helmets, Color, and Diamonds was a nice design.


The box is pretty nice, having a picture of the suit and the figure and the Hikaru Chogokin Logo and Tyrannoranger in Katakana.

The top and bottom have the same picture and the logo.
The back has a picture of Geki and it shows that the belt glows. A nice picture of the un-armored Dragon Ranger and Tyrannoranger with Stickers, you know, the ones I don't have.

Time for the Figure! Tyrannoranger! Geki!
The figure is pretty freakin' nice, White Diamonds on the chest and a silver belt. Shiny Gold stickers on the arms and a very nice helmet.
The mouth looks a little odd and it has absolutely no detailing on the belt but it glows so it's ok, It's been rainy so I couldn't really go out to get batteries, I will however, get batteries and post a demonstration of the glowing belt. It also has a holster.
The side has a nice view of the Helmet only having 6 teeth per side and a painted eye. The back of the figure is also unpainted.
It does have a button and "1991"

You get one Shiny Golden Dragon Shield, Ranger stick in gun and sword mode. The Zyusouken is really nicely molded. The Dragon Armour is molded in Silver plastic and painted in Shiny Gold Chrome.
You get two ranger sticks, of course one on each mode. They're nicely molded and molded in white plastic.
The Gun mode looks really nice and it can be held nicely, it lost the teeth because otherwise he wouldn't be able to hold it.
We sacrificed the Ryugekiken in order to get sword mode but it's still nice. It actually looks great when being held but It would have been nice to keep the Ryukegiken.
You can put either one in the belt, The Sword mode is more appropriate but the blade makes it look weird so the Gun mode looks better.

So let's put on the armour. There is a hole on the back and a peg so you know how.
Let's transform!

Armored Tyrannoranger

It looks great, Just use the Sword mode as a stand in Ryugekiken.
With the Shield it looks great.
The Zyusouken has nice molding but doesn't have the Dragon Coin emblem and it has the nicely molded "tube" on the side.
So you can have him on display either way.

Not much, his legs go back and forth, and the knees can lock up since his legs are much like Kibaranger. Head can turn, arms can go back and forth and rotate aswell. The Armour doesn't really get in the way that much like Kibaranger so it is nice. It does not! however, have in and out motion and it would have been nice to have an extra holster like in the show for the Zyusouken.

Likes and Would Likes
Painted back and an Extra holster, that's it... maybe stickers but mine didn't come with them so that's not really a complaint.


So overall it's a fantastic addition to your collection, it's nice and heavy since it's die-cast. It's heavier than the Armored 20th Anniversary Red Ranger figure despite it's size. Since it's from 1992(1) it's not the greatest but it's just right. 


  1. Was there a non-Armed Tyrannoranger in the line?

    1. There was, they made each one of the Zyurangers.

    2. I would hazard a guess that the regular Tyrannoranger came with the Ryugekiken then.

      Was 1992 the only year that Bandai did the Light-up Chogokin figures instead of standard Chogokin figures?

    3. None of the main Zyurangers had their personal weapons, they only came with the ranger stick, they came with an attachment for the pyramid formation.
      There were a plastic variety that came out with vehicles.
      I think 1992 was one of the few light up figures.