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Friday, May 31, 2013

Review: Power Rangers Megaforce Wave 1 - 4 inch Megaforce Red Ranger

So since you all know the story with Megaforce. 
Saban-Power Rangers Megaforce : Toei- Tensou Sentai Goseiger
     20th Anniversary - 34 Sentai Team
That's about it, as for Character, Troy is pretty ok, kinda bland but cool, Alata is pretty kiddy, but awesome! I love Alata as Gosei Red, he's just great, a very funny Red Ranger and he can be very Epic at times. Let's get to the review. 


So, as the title suggests, the figure stands around 4 inches tall and is very detailed. The figure is nicely painted except for the back which is a shame but hey, what can you do.
Helmet is nicely detailed and you can nicely see the dragon, the Chest is detailed and not painted Unlike the 6 1/2 inch figure, unfortunately the logo on the top isn't detailed unlike the 6 1/2 inch figure, it's just painted, mine is a little off from the center.
The belt is nicely detailed and so are the cuffs with a nice gold paint and rim, It also has a holster with a hole, it's also removable. The figure also has my favorite part, Sentai Gloves and Boots. The build is ok, not too strong, just the legs and the arms. The body not so much and it reminds me a lot of Alata, he's also shorter than the Red Samurai Ranger figure which makes me think more Alata. It kinda has abs but not that visible. 


It comes with a few accessories. Gosei Blaster,Gosei Morpher and the Dragon/Skick Sword. I have to tell you now since I haven't really told you, I prefer swords over blasters, and I also like sword blasters like the DaiBuster made out of the Star Cutter and the Star Sword or the Ranger Stick with two modes. 
The two items are detailed well, they did their best with the small scale but it looks nice. The Blaster has the shark header or the generic header that the rest of them have, they also have pegs, unfortunately the Red ranger can't really hold the Morpher.
And because of the pegs you can also place them on the sides of the figure, just place in the two holes.
He can hold it but It kinda puts stress on the hand and it might loosen up over time.
The sword is another nice item. It looks great... at least for the blade, it's just red.
The detail is inferior to the bigger one, not just by sculpt since it looks nothing like the actual sword (the guard). 
From the side it looks ok, the tip makes it look like something else... 
He looks great holding it, He can really handle his Dragon Sword! *wink wink* or the Skick Sword if you like. 
The card is nice, different from the Armored Ultra Red Ranger. 


It's a 4 inch figure and it's honestly really poseable, the feet and hands rotate at the cuffs and the elbows and knees bend. The head rotates and the arms go forward and back and in and out.
You can pose him with your other 4 inch figures like the Red Samurai Ranger.

Dislikes and Would Likes

Not really much to dislike about the figure, only thing is paint like always and the detail for the sword. I woulda liked the usual.


It's a great figure and I love it and I play with it a lot since it's very playable. It looks great on display, I wish I had the rest of the Rangers. 
Nevertheless, it's a fantastic figure to have and it's fantastic for a Power Rangers toy, you can use it to represent the Goseigers in your collection aswell. 

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