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Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Years - 1st day of the Year!

 It is a New Year! Hopefully there will be many things done this year, school is over (until the next semester starts) and there will be plenty of new things that will come out. Much like every other year but! Hopefully I'll get some stuff done. I got a new phone on the 24th and I am very happy, the camera and storage in it are very nice. Unfortunately Blogger doesn't really work very well... 

Out of the things that I have done this last week of the year, I downloaded Pokemon Go! Finally! I didn't have it before due to storage issues on my last phone which had about 2GB of internal storage space and it ran out quickly, even after resetting it. So I spent this last week, maybe 5 out of the 7 days actually making an effort to catch some things outside.

This Pikachu (not thing one in particular) was the first thing I caught, the holiday hat looks great on it and I evolved it, it's not the strongest of things but... I like it. After all, I'm level 11 at the moment and very far behind... The pictures of Squirtle and Blastoise up there are the two Pokemon I ran into but had no Pokeballs to use because I had none... Fortunately I caught the rest of the starters the day after and earlier today ran into another Blastoise! It was about 500+ CP and I tried catching it and failed when I threw my last Pokeball with little power... so that sucks!

There was also a Dratini, a Ditto and a Smoochum that I got over the past week. Ditto was disguised as a Pikachu. Pokemon Go isn't the only Pokemon I've played, I also beat the Alola League a couple days ago before the year ended, I took my time since I got the game on the 18th of November. It was harder than expected and the story was actually pretty good. This year (last year 2016) was a good year, I went to Boston again and I had a lot of fun, I did a bunch of things that I wont mention and I even saw Sing! and Star Wars: Rogue One, both of which, are really good. With that, for this year (1/1/2017) I hope that it is a good year, there are things that I want to do but I have not had the resources or motivation to do and hopefully I can manage to actually go ahead and do them.

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