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Friday, February 12, 2016

Review: Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Pink Ranger (Action Hero)

Super Megaforce Pink! Pink Rangers usually get darker coloring in toys than in the show, rather than being a lighter shade of pink, it's a darker shade. Some pink rangers also have a heart shaped visor such as this one and the first in the Sentai Series, Momoranger.


The usual repaint of the female base. The only difference is the helmet.

It is still nicely detailed and painted all around, however, it does keep the Zyuranger/MMPR Tip on the skirt.


The blaster and the saber.

Swap one with another blaster and you get the double blaster wielding Pink Ranger!


It completes the main 5, they're nice to have and if you watched Gokaiger but can't get the figuarts, these are pretty decent, I love these figures. If you need a substitute or just want to get them because of their design, their design, they're worth it. They were also the 20th Anniversary Suits which is nice.

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