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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Review: Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Yellow Ranger (Action Hero)

Super Megaforce Yellow! Gold with Gold on a suit looks nice sometimes, even though there might be some changes much like many Black Rangers, there will be alterations made to the costume.

This one is not a repaint, there is a different sculpt for the female body.

It is very accurate since the "coat" goes over the skirt in the suit and it shows it here too.

It is detailed all around and the Sentai gloves and boots are there.

The belt and the collar is detailed although its missing the silver emblem on the collar.

The female figures are a head taller than the previous ones from last season.


Same as the guys, the Sword and the Blaster although both look larger in her hands.

Swap out the blaster and you get double swords!


Whats a Sentai Team with no female rangers? Unless it's Sun Vulcan, most teams have at least one female member and it completes the look. I like the figures coloring and the sculpt is pretty accurate.

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