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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Review: Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Red Ranger (Action Hero)

Super Megaforce Red! The show is actually decent judging from episode 1. I remember when I saw the figure like... 2 years ago? I went to see Gravity in theaters with a friend and then I went to target and saw this and the Gosei Ultimate Retrofire and bought both. I eventually got the 6 pack of the Megaforce rangers but I didn't get the one with the Buster. Regardless, it has taken me forever to review these and I guess I will catch up before the next season ends, the adaptation of Ninninger. I shall catch up my Sentai, Kamen Rider, Ultraman and Power Rangers.


The figure is actually really nice. It's not very muscular like the 2010 MMPR figures or the Samurai figures, although the Upper body is very bulky.

The back is painted but it has black numbers on the back which are a little pain to look at..

The body is accurate and has the emblem on the chest but not on the collar. The helmet is very accurate. The belt is also properly sculpted.

Boots are Sentai boots.

The gloves are Sentai Gloves which is a plus for me.

The toy is about 5" which is taller than the ones from previous years which is a little annoying since it doesn't scale.


Only 2 accessories, the sword and the gun.

They're molded in a black plastic and they're nicely detailed although its hard to see in pictures.

Sword is detailed as well.


I really enjoyed watching Gokaiger and the suit designs are some of my favorites in the Sentai and PR universe. For what it is it's a pretty nice toy, one of the issues I have with any of these figures is that they don't grip accessories very well, they tend to be too loose.

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