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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack - Bandai Creation - GMK King Ghidorah

GMK King Ghidorah! or SōkōgekiGido (総攻撃ギド) from the movie "Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack" which actually gave me nightmares when I watched it, it was weird. This version of King Ghidorah is actually a hero in the movie and is a lot smaller than Godzilla, I was actually very tempted to freeze this toy in order to make it seem like in the movie. The heads look a lot like Chinese and Japanese Dragons in paintings and statues.


The figure is really nice it has a nice golden color to it. The sculpt is nice and it looks pretty accurate, it resembles the suit. The teeth and gums are pretty goofy looking on the figure.
It has a glue seal on the stomach, the tails and heads, for the tails in my figure, the right glue seal broke so it has a little more articulation.

The back of the figure is still detailed and you can see scales going down from the neck to the tail. 

The tail has a weird cut to it, rather than being straight across it is diagonal so it has a weird tilt to it when you  pose it or play with it.

The tails are nicely detailed, the scales are there and the spikes on the tails. 

Feet are not articulated unfortunately. There are 3 front toes and a claw on the back.

The heads have a very Chinese/Japanese dragon look to them, they look like the paintings and statues of dragons. Apparently, the designer of the suit, Fuyuki Shinada, was disappointed that Varan wasn't in the film so there is a bit of Varan in King Ghidorah.

The heads on the outer ends have the mouth open.

While the head in the middle has the mouth closed. In my opinion the one in the middle looks the best. The middle head is also curved up instead of having the neck droop down a bit like the suit.

The wings are articulated and aren't as symmetrical as the previous King Ghidorah designs. 

It looks weird when you try to fold the wings back.

The figure is around 6" in height and is a nice color compared to the 1991 8" Heisei King Ghidorah.

The figure is on scale, the heads are standing tall as opposed to slouching like the suit. You can pose them together and they look fine. I would have liked if the legs were articulated.


I like the figure, when I got it I was playing with it nonstop, I would just swish it around and it's a nice toy. You can find these at Toys R Us and they're fairly cheap, around 20-25 dollars or less.

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