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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Review: Power Rangers Megaforce - Gosei Ultimate Megazord Retrofire

So, finally I've decided to do this review after months, and I've actually just finished catching up with Power Rangers Megaforce all that is left is to start Super Megaforce and finish Kyoryuger. The Gosei Ultimate appears in the properly titled, "Gosei Ultimate" which is halfway through the series. You can watch the episode at Hulu if you're interested because I don't feel like spoiling anything...
Let's get started.


You get what you'd usually get with most of the merchandise of the series, a figure, weapons, and a card.
The swords can form into a bow.


 The figure is pretty well detailed being an "Anime" version (as many like to refer to it) or stylized or even comic book version of it. It's pretty well made and from the front it's pretty nice to look at.
The back is detailed and you can see the bolts, it's also not painted.
You can also see the details on the side and the red lines going down.
The head and chest are nicely sculpted, you can see the face on the front and the head of the Megazord. The figure is pretty well articulated, you can pretty much pose him in most of the poses you see in the show. However, the chest doesn't open, then again... I don't think it'd be easy.

Power Card

Power Card with cool artwork!
And if you have the morpher, you get this!


  The figure is pretty awesome, I love it, and with the bow, Gosei Great Megazord can wield them. There isn't much to dislike about it but... it's arms don't swivel left and right.

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